Bird Box Cam 2019 LIVE

Pembrokeshire Bird Box Cam 2019


In January 2015 my wife bought a Bird Box from Aldi and I was extremely skeptical that any right minded bird would want to nest in such a garish (sorry  - decorative) birdbox, so close to the house and with a cat prowling around. How wrong I was! The following month we watched two blue tits tirelessly make a nest and then in June the youngsters flew the nest always wondering what had gone on inside all this time?  

Cue retirement project.  Here is the parts list for the project  - Mk 2 version operational Feb 2016 that includes a "On During Day" light sensor to save battery power at night. Mk 3 version operational Feb 2017 that has a new birdbox and 15 W solar panel.

Below is the latest image (recorded every 5 mins and web page refreshed every 2 1/2 mins) - if it's a mass of lines it means either:

Latest Image


uploaded with


Date Occurrence
16 Nov 2015 Mk 1 Bird Box Cam tested - Worked Fine - then plastic box stored for winter
04 Feb 2016 Mk 1 re-commissioned 24/7 and noticed battery would only last 1.5 days if no sunshine
10 Feb 2016 website operational and first image of a rooster uploaded using Yawcam software
17 Feb 2016 Mk 2 operational - upgrade includes "On During Daylight" Light Sensor and waterproof plug for plastic box using AT32 (more stable than Yawcam)
07 Feb 2017 Mk 3 operational - new Aldi birdbox as other one had rotted and new larger 15w solar panel